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Solutionary Proudctions Films




Earth Day at O.U.R. Eco-Village in BC, Canada with Solutionary Productions

Green Apple Day at Victoria Elementary School in Riverside CA

filmed and edited by Anna Combi ((Anahata) Solutionary Producer



Indiegogo Campaign Video

Learn About the Blooming Bioidversity Permaculture Tour (13min version)



Peru Native Shipibo Village School Earth Activist Songs and Dances



A message from Bloom



OUR Sacred Acres Tour



Peru Permaculture Tour



Skipply Farm



P.L.A.C.E for Sustainable Living



Peru Update Earth Day Message



What does Permaculture Mean

To You in One Word?



Norcal Building Resilent Communties 2015 Convergence

Promotional Video



Rainbow Medicine Medly at Celebration of Elements during West Coast Permaculture Tour

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