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Our Mission

Who Are We?
The Solutionaries are a diverse team of social-environmental activists, dedicated to co-creating a resilient and regenerative lifestyle for ourselves, our local and global community, our natural world, and future generations. We are co-organizing the Blooming Biodiversity Tours. Our tours include empowering days of action with interactive workshops for social and environmental evolution including:
permaculture and biodynamic farming/gardening, live music, yoga/healing arts,expressive/visionary arts, ecstatic dance, integration of intentional communities and ecovillages.


What Are We Doing?
In every location, we will be gathering communities for the integration of permaculture principles and values, holistic education and transformational festival culture, in action. We are inviting anyone who feels enthusiastically empowered to bring their skill-sets and passion to the co-creation of our events. Through these days of service participants will experience the power of living in harmony with nature and supporting each other in community.


The Purpose:

  • To help shift the paradigm from a corporate ruled industrial complex to an intentional, community-created, thriving co-existence.

  • To nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.

  • To envision and strategize ways to transcend existing patterns of global inequality.

  • To empower community to restore the commons and a culturally rich lifestyle.

  • To generate a self-sustaining livelihood with community initiated food gardens and organic innovative design.

  • To initiate conversations and catalyze the process of soil and ecosystem restoration, water purification and green energy system installation (ie: solar/wind power).

  • To inspire a new world vision for communities to live in a way that is healthy for the planet and humanity.

  • To act locally and connect globally.

  • To foster cross-cultural and intergenerational collaboration.

  • To share healing, visionary and expressive art, music and dance. Because if it’s not fun it’s not sustainable.

  • To put solutions into action, and bring forth our greatest potential through collaborative symbiosis.



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