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Volunteer Experience & Solutionary Roles for the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour


                   Come share your creative gifts and social-environmental service for the Blooming Biodiversity permaculture tour which will be traveling through the West Coast, September through November this Fall. Take action through participating in a variety of permaculture sustainable design projects, including habitat restoration, natural building, food forests, edible and medicinal plant gardening, green houses, water purification and collection, and much more. We invite you to share your creativity through visionary, expressive, healing, and flow arts, music, dance, yoga, and skill-sharing. For those interested in joining for the whole journey, we will be meeting in Washington on September 3rd. For those interested in volunteering at one or some events, let us know your availability and we will coordinate how to best plug you in.                                                              


Volunteer Roles


On-Site Facilitators (One or Two per site)

We are looking for people who are dedicated to their local community and interested in taking a leadership role in coordinating and organizing events which integrate social and environmental days of service with performing arts and interactive workshops. Your role would be a logistics manager and on-site guardian who is the bridge between the site location community and the Solutionary Productions team.


Your Tasks Include:


  • Corresponding through e-mail and phone logistical information regarding the event including:

  • Resources needed

  • Schedule of event programming (workshops, service projects, music, art, performances) and timeline,

  • Local non-profit and organization collaborator

  • On-site preparation before event and coordination of the space throughout the event.

  • Night time Nest Coordinator

  • We are looking for someone to coordinate where we will all be sleeping and community rest spaces.


Librarian and Resource Guide Updater


Food Team

Lead Chef for Solutionary Productions (One or Two)

  • We are looking for someone passionate about preparing and serving organic, GMO-free, vegetarian/vegan superfood, and interested in collaborating with health food sponsors and non-profit food service donations (food not bombs, CSA’s, farm donations, etc.).

Your Tasks Include:

  • Menu Creation (3 meals a day and 2 snacks)

  • Preparing meals for core team with two additional team members rotating shifts for each meal.

Event Food-Prep Coordinator

  • We are looking for someone passionate about preparing community meals for participants of the events. You will be serving the community by organizing community meals.

Food Source Coordinator

We are looking for someone excited to coordinate and pick up food in each location.

Your Tasks Include:

  • Researching food availability for solutionary productions and for events

  • Contacting food sponsors and donators

  • Picking up food and donations

  • Coordinating with lead chef and event food coordinator

Elixir and Aphrodisiac Alchemist


Music Coordinator and Sound Engineer

We are looking for someone passionate about organizing the musical elements of our events. You will be organizing music, both electronic and live, during the permaculture events and at various venues throughout the tour.

Your Tasks include:

  • Contacting and scheduling bands

  • Contacting locations to coordinate equipment availability

  • Setting up sound systems

  • Organizing music events

Visionary Art Coordinator

We are looking for someone passionate about creating art and talking to people about it!

Your Tasks include:

  • Sourcing Local Art

  • Inviting local artists to events

  • Setting up art galleries at on site event locations

  • Coordinating art donations to the Blooming Biodiversity etsy

  • Merch/Trade Blanket/Bazaar/Etsy Coordinator


Social Media

  1. Website Updater

  2. Videographer-Blogger

  3. Photo-Blogger

  4. Writer-Blogger

  5. Social Media Updater (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

  6. E-mail/Newsletter Composer


Permaculture Designer




Healing Sanctuary Team

  1. Body Worker

  2. Yoga Teacher

  3. Healing Modality Expert (Accupuncture/Ayurveda)

  4. Healing Sanctuary/Altar Creator

  5. Group Bonding Community Harmonizing Facilitator

  6. Vibe-Check Faciliter

  7. Crystal Grid Designer

  8. Comedic relief fa-silly-tater.


Transportation Team

  1. Solutionary Transportaiton Coordinator

  2. Carpool/Public Transportation Coordinator

  3. Resource Pick-Up Driver

  4. Bus, Car & Bicycle Mechanic

  5. Bus Driver


Beautification Team

  1. Bus Beautifier

  2. Green Waste Manager

  3. Compost Clean Dream Team

  4. Hygiene Helper and Aromatherapist

  5. Costume Designer and Make Up Artist


Event Volunteer Positions 

  1. Food Prep

  2. Green Team

  3. Work-Shop Facilitators

  4. Gardeners and Farmers

  5. Wandering Minstrels

  6. Live Artists

  7. Permaculture Project Facilitators


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