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Who Are We?

The Solutionaries are a diverse team of social-environmental activists, dedicated to co-creating a resilient and regenerative lifestyle for ourselves, our local and global community, our natural world, and future generations. We are co-organizing the Blooming Biodiversity Tour which begins this September on the North American West Coast. Our tour will include empowering days of action with interactive workshops for social and environmental evolution including: permaculture and biodynamic farming, gardening, live music, yoga, healing, expressive and visionary arts and ecstatic dance integrated into communities and Ecovillages.





















What Are We Doing?

In every location, we will be gathering communities for the integration of permaculture principles and values, holistic education and transformational festival culture, in action. We are inviting anyone who feels enthusiastically empowered to bring their skill-sets and passion to the co-creation of this tour. Through these activating permaculture experiences, participants will experience the beauty of living in harmony with nature and supporting each other in community.To make this all happen, we will need your help from the grassroots up! 


The Purpose
  • To help shift the paradigm from a corporate ruled industrial complex to an intentional, community-created, thriving co-existence.

  • To nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.

  • To envision and strategize ways to transcend existing patterns o f global inequality.

  • To empower community to restore the commons and a culturally rich lifestyle.

  • To generate a self-sustaining livelihood with community initiated food gardens and organic innovative design.

  • To initiate conversations and catalyze the process of soil and ecosystem restoration, water purification and green energy system installation (ie: solar/wind power).

  • To inspire a new world vision for communities to live in a way that is healthy for the planet and humanity.

  • To act locally and connect globally.

  • To foster cross-cultural and intergenerational collaboration.

  • To share healing, visionary and expressive art, music and dance. Because if it’s not fun it’s not sustainable.

  • To put solutions into action, and bring forth our greatest potential through collaborative symbiosis. 


You can choose where your greatly appreciated money goes, through selecting which aspects you are most excited about on our campaign website survey.

Choose here:

These Projects Include: 


  • Raised urban garden beds for vegetables

  • Food forest fruit trees

  • Swales, burms, marshes, and collection ponds for greywater systems

  • Renewable energy infrastructure: solar/wind/hydro

  • Outdoor education

  • Ecovillage community housing and gardens for houseless and underserved

  • Native medicinal herb spirals

  • Compost, Manure, EMOI, Biochar

  • Natural building: Cob, Stick and Slip, Straw Bale, Adobe, Earthship, Bamboo

  • Intersection street mural

  • Apothocary: wildcrafted herbs

  • Seedlings for greenhouses

  • Composting toliets

  • Expressive arts therapy (art, music,dance, theater, poetry)
    for social and environmental justice

  • Mandala and keyhole polyculture gardens

  • Drought resistant landscaping

  • Native Habitat Restoration

  • Beach Clean Ups

  • Mycology and Microremediation

  • Healing Arts: yoga/meditation/mindfulness/chigong/reiki/soundhealing

  • Environmental hands on education for underserved youth

Our Principles:

Our core principles are earth care, people care, and fair share. We are dedicated to cultivating a regenerative, thriving and abundant world that is equitable and accessible for all. We have found recent success in our pre-tour summer events that we have organized in order to both get the word out and develop the necessary experience to launch a full three-month tour.

Innovate Solutions

       Our tour is one aspect of the larger movement towards cultivating a thriving, just, sustainable, regenerative, and equitable world. Joanna Macy speaks about the three spheres of influence, which are holding actions (anything that slows down the industrial growth complex), solution focused actions (being the change we want to see), and inner transformation. All three spheres support one another and are necessary for creating positive change. Our tour combines all three spheres.

      The Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour provides innovative experiences for both long-time permaculture activists and those who have never set foot in a garden. It creates an access point and a bridge to bring people together who may have varying interests. We will be working in each community to create lasting impact by empowering local community members to maintain the momentum that our events generate after we leave. We will be teaching participants how to organize their own similar events, so that the permaculture work and community building experiences can continue indefinitely. 


 Our tour will help benefit those in need of resilient lifestyles, those who do not have enough healthy food to eat, and those who are disconnected from their local communities.























Positive Impact

   We will be training all participants to create their own permaculture activations in their local communities, so the positive transformation can continue after we go. We project that our participants will be inspired to integrate permaculture principles, community connection, and regenerative practices into their lifestyles. We have already seen many participants modifying their life paths after attending our events. We have been seeing and will see permaculture projects that would normally take a month to finish, be completed within a day of work. Over a three-year period, we project to see community members creating their own permaculture events and permaculture tours. We project to see thriving urban and rural food forests and edible gardens, grey-water and water catchment systems that utilize all rainfall and excess water, and more connected communities, all along the North American West Coast and beyond. 

Projected Costs


  • Food Costs: $9,000

    Healthy nutritious food is necessary for taking positive transformative action. 

  • Shovels and Hand Tools $333 and Work Gloves $65

    These are the bare necessities of effective permaculture work. Every permaculture activist need these essentials. We want to be ready to provide for both our team and local participants. 

  • Starter Trees for Food Forests $1,000, Starter Plants for Edible Gardens $400, and Organic Seed Packs, $250   

    To plant edible gardens and food forests, we need starter plants and seeds. We plan to plant many pollinator habitats to encourage bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to sweep the West Coast in greater abundance. We plan to plant many edible gardens and food forests to make organic local food more accessible to communities.

  • Tubes for Greywater Systems  $525

    One of the greatest issues facing the West Coast today is our lack of water. By utilizing our excess water to feed our plants, we are taking a huge step in a regenerative direction. 

  • Clay and Straw for Natural Building Projects (Cob Benches, Cob Ovens, Cob and Straw Bale Outdoor Classrooms) $1,000

    Natural building is a fun and powerful method of getting in touch with the earth while building long lasting sustainable infrastructure that can be used for many purposes. Building an outdoor educational classroom out of cob will engage local students, create memorable experiences, and plant a setting for outdoor education classes. Cob benches in neighborhoods will create environments for neighbors and passersby to sit and connect with one another, enjoy time in a community garden, and build community. 

  • Bags of Mulch  $560

    Every garden needs to be mulched. Mulching is a fun and engaging activity that helps utilize water optimally, keeps out weeds, and adds beauty to the garden. 


          Total: $11,111





















We can only realize this dream with the support of our community. To tour in an eco-friendly manner, create regenerative infrastructure, and assist the creation of resilient communities everywhere we go, requires financial support through your donations to our indieGogo campaign.

We are so grateful for your contributions to help us actualize this tour and for taking action with us to create a reality where we can all thrive. 



From the bottom of our hearts, and our gardens, thank you.    Donate Here:

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