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Eco-Poetics & SongWeaving

EcoPoetics and SongWeaving is an interactive participatory experience that engages the five senses and grounds our collective creativity into word flow. We write our own poems, weaving in collectively shared ideas, visions and words, and then perform our creation to the group in a supportive environment with music to back us up. You will emerge from this workshop with a new song to share with the world, and a newfound inner songbird ready to sing! 

Outline of the Eco-Poetics & SongWeaving Experience
          1. Introduction

  • Everyone learns an empowering song and plays along with instruments and drums. 

  • Everyone says their name with a dance move, the element they are feeling most physically and emotionally connected to, and their favorite plant.

    2. Visualizations

  • Guided Sacred Place in Nature & Creating a life sustaining world Meditation

    3. Rainforest of Sound

  • Sitting in a circle, one person at a time, everyone comes up with a sound that they repeat over and over. After one person starts, in a clockwise order, each person adds until we get a rainforest symphony of sound.

    4. Partner Plant Singing

  •  Everyone stands up, continuing to make their sound, and moves around the space, emodying their sound. Everyone finds a partner and creates a harmony in groups of two. Groups of two become groups of four, etc., until eventually everyone reunites in a rainforest of sound. 

    5. Weed, Seed & Flower

  • Workshop participants get into three groups, one for weed, which represents things we want to weed out of our lives, one for seed, which represents seeds we want to plant in our lives, and one for flower, which represents that which is already flowering in our lives.

  • Each group comes up with a simple chorus about their theme, weed, seed or flower

  • Each group teaches the chorus to the larger group. 

    6. Closing

  • Ending with a humandala & song: “We are the people at the full height of our power!” 

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