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  • Tierra Musica
    Tierra Musica
    Sat, Jan 05
    Mystical Yoga Farm
    Jan 05, 2019, 10:00 AM – Jan 10, 2019, 5:00 PM
    Mystical Yoga Farm, Guatemala
    Jan 05, 2019, 10:00 AM – Jan 10, 2019, 5:00 PM
    Mystical Yoga Farm, Guatemala
    Permaculture Ecstatic Dance Songwriting Activism

Tierra Musica


January 5 - 10 

Mystical Yoga Farm

Santiago, Lake Atitlan Guatemala 

Imagine waking up to an empowering and activating yoga class, sharing organic vegan local delicious meals in community, learning about & practicing Permaculture & Herbalism, writing and recording newly created songs, and finishing each day with Ecstatic Dance sets from World Class DJs. This is Tierra Musica.


Let's start our year together collectively, intentionally, and creatively! Join us in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, at the Mystical Yoga Farm, after Cosmic Convergence, for "Tierra Musica," a creative immersion into Earth Activist Songwriting, Permaculture design, Herbalism, Yoga, & Ecstatic Dance.

~ Permaculture ~
We will be planting seeds, herbs, veggies and trees, learning about tropical permaculture and traditional agroforestry/gardening. 

~ Earth Activist Music Song-Writing and Recording ~
During this retreat, we will have the opportunity to write Earth Activist Music individually and collectively as a form of addressing social and environmental issues happening in Guatemala and the US. The eagle and condor indigenous prophecy for us translates at people of the Eagle, of the North, connecting to people of the Condor the South. 
The Eagle and Condor will not fly in Peace until the children at the border are united with their families.

~ Eco-Poetics & SongWeaving ~
This an interactive participatory experience that engages the five senses and grounds our collective creativity into word flow, free-styling, vocal/instrumental improve, stream of consciousness and song co-creation. We write our own songs & poems, weaving in collectively shared ideas, visions and words, and then perform our creation to the group in a supportive environment with music to back us up. You will emerge from this workshop with a new song to share with the world, and a newfound inner songbird ready to sing! 

~ Ecstatic & Embodied Dance ~
Embodiment is how we ground our visionary creativity into reality. Ecstacy, from "Ekstasis," literally means "to Step Out." We will be stepping out of the ordinary, and into the extra-ordinary through movement and dance, integrated throughout this immersion, with both live and eclectic electronic music. 

DJs include: Amani from Desert Dwellers & Liquid Bloom, Mose, Yemanjo (Ben Harris), Mixwell, & more TBA!

~ Embodying Permaculture ~
The Embodying Permaculture Workshop is an experience designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. As facilitators we will take participants through a journey of body centered awareness practices including transformational theater, embodied movement, guided music creation, vinyasa yoga flow, and guided visualization meditations activating the 5 senses and permaculture. We will engage in interactive games and exercises for each of the 5 senses. We will also facilitate a Solutionary discussion counsel where the participants will have the opportunity to share their vision of being a co-creative change-maker in a thriving sustainable community. When we are fully in alignment with our true selves as multidimensional beings, we develop a strong connection to ourselves, our community and our environment.

~ Liberated Heart Yoga with Pranassage Partner Bodywork
Daily yoga lead by Anahata, and frequent partner Pranassage to keep our bodies happy and healthy!

~ Herbal Medicine Making ~
Anahata worked at the Herb Pharm in Williams Oregon, and Bloom & Anahata both worked as herbal medics at Standing Rock. We will get to dive into herbal medicine making projects with tinctures, salves, balms, etc., using mostly herbs growing at the Mystical Yoga Farm.

~ Earth Altar Creation Earth Based Spirituality Rituals ~
We will ceremonially gather flowers, leaves, sticks, and anything we find in nature and around the garden to create an Earth Altar for our immersion. 


Music, Art, Dance, Poetry and all forms of Creativity generate healing for all people.

This is our outlet to express our passion, joy, fears, anger and activism. 

We invite you to reflect on these questions:
What kind of world do we want to live in? 
How can we be in service of indigenous and local Guatemalan voices, vision and wisdom?
What does it mean to be a person in humble service of Mother Earth, in right relation with culture, & honoring of heritage? 


About Us:

Bloom(Robin Liepman) & Anahata (Anna Simone Combi) are earth activist musicians, certified Permaculture teachers & designers, ecovillage educators, healers, artists and transformational paradigm shifters. They have facilitated community workshops, retreats, gatherings, concerts and Permaculture action events together in Costa Rica, Canada, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Hawaii, Peru, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. They are co-organizers of Blooming Biodiversity Tour which spanned the North American West Coast, Fall 2015, offering events that brought together communities in transformational celebration to learn and practice permaculture. 

Anahata is certified Nosara yoga teacher, bodyworker and former herbalist apprentice at Herb Pharm. 
Bloom is a Generation Waking Up facilitator. They are trained Work That Reconnects facilitators with Joanna Macy. They have worked as teacher assistants for Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training Permaculture Design Course, the Ecovillage Design Education.

They were interns Arkana Alliance, an indigenous rainforest activist organization in Peru. They have both have facilitated workshops, performed music and have had extensive, organization, volunteer, and staff coordination roles at transformational festivals, including: Envision Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Once Upon a Festival, Lucidity, Global Eclipse, Bali Spirit Fest, Imagine, Big Surreal, Flow Festival, Earth Frequency, Singing Alive, Plants EnChant, Good Medicine, Mystic Rising, Enchanted Forest, and more. They are social/environmental activist filmmakers and have produced and presented a variety of their films. They have both participated in and presented at a variety of social and environmental conferences and convergences including: Bioneers, The NorCal Building Resilient Communities Permaculture Convergence, Pure Living Expo, Tribalize, Cumbre de Los Pueblos COP20 in Peru. They have both taught college courses at their perspective universities on Sustainability and Social Justice. 

They have facilitated Ecological Awareness workshops at Esalen Institute for the Integral Leadership Program. They worked as herbal medics and water protectors at Standing Rock in November and December of 2016. They recently co- taught a Permaculture Design Course, Aloha Aina Winter On Maui with Jenny Pell. Bloom and Anahata continue to lead Permaculture activation events and co-creative musical experiences globally. Check out Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Network here: 

Music Projects: Blooming Anahata is a mystical and heart-opening earth activist musical group born from unconditional love, forest exploration, visionary dreams, ecovillages, & indigenous wisdom. Their music is a holistic and wholesome blend of soulful singer/songwriter serenades, rainbow/medicine songs, and earth activism. All of his songs are original and have channeled through him during significant experiences in nature, sacred ceremonies, and divine moments of clarity. Many of their songs are interactive and often catalyze group singing and dancing. They integrate their own stream of consciousness poetry with their medicine songs. Bloom and Anahata have traveled around the world sharing their music from Bali, India, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hawaii, and throughout the US and Canada. learning from indigenous communities, and sharing their wisdom as healers, permaculture teachers and activists. &

We both grew up in California with many Guatemalan and Central American families in our hometowns. Many of which were in our schools, inspiring fellow farmers, builders, educators, activists and of all different professions. Currently Guatemalan children are being separated from their parents at the US border and severely exploited. These are our peers! People in our neighborhoods are being taken away by ICE! People deserving of equal opportunity and rights as us. Our great grandparents of Jewish Eastern European descent had the privilege of safely entering the US during the genocide of our people during the Holocaust and dictatorship of Soviet Union. Guatemalan families do not have the same privilege as our relatives did. 


(From Mystical Yoga Farm Website)

Private Rooms

Each uniquely decorated and painted with its own style and personality, our individual bungalows provide quiet solitude perfect for solo travelers and (in our double rooms) voyaging couples, or friends who don't mind sharing a bed. Each space is special, with a mix of breathtaking views, and original architecture (like our tree house for the nimble and adventurous!). Please inquire here for private room availability. Be sure to click on the photos below for a preview of our beautiful private bungalows.






Shared Dorm Spaces

Community living is a key part of life here at the Farm. Our shared dorm spaces offer comfortable lodging, especially great for small groups and retreat guests. With two 6-person loft-style cabins, two bunk-style dwellings (one 2-person and one 4-person), and an 8-person loft above the communal space in the Rancho, the farm offers plenty of space to host our beloved guests. Please inquire here for shared space availability. Be sure to click on the photos below for a preview of our dorms.


Showers & Bathrooms

Water is sacred! And so is the majestic lake upon which the farm is built. In order to stay true to our commitment to sustainable living, the farm features a number of beautifully built (and decorated!) natural organic compost toilets. By using compost toilets, we save thousands of gallons of water each year, and are able to re-purpose our nutrient rich waste by using it as super-charged fertilizer for the plants around the farm. If you've never used a compost toilet before, don't worry - we'll be sure to give you the full run down when you get here (it's easy!). Before you know it, you'll never want to go back to flushing toilets!

For showering, we have two solar-powered hot water bath houses, each equipped with two private shower stalls. Unless it's an unusually cloudy day, it's rare that we run out of hot water. That said, water is sacred! We ask all of our guests to take short showers, and request that you bring only natural, organic, bio-degradable soap/shampoo/conditioner to use in the shower. Our gray water system filters back into the earth and the runoff eventually makes its way back to the lake. Non-organic/non-biodegradable soaps contain chemicals that are harmful to the lake, as well as the plants and animals that live in and around it. With your help, we can continue to protect and live in harmony with this beautiful lake!



Tierra Musica Team


































































































































































































Menu Example:



Spiced & Sweet Chia Pudding

Ayurvedic Papaya w/ginger, spirulina, & lime


Cacao Oats Strawberries or Fruit for Topping




Raw Tacos w/ Godess Dressing

Locally Harvested Flower & Greens Salad

Mushroom Soup

Vegan/GF Brazilian Seeded Bread




Local Loved (Fried) Rice w/ Greens

Eggplant & Potato Curry w/ Tumeric Cashew Cream Sauce


Chef Bio

Sage Aurora is a high vibe chef, who channels love & creativity into nourishing meals drinks and treats She comes from a lineage of chefs, her grandparents having been chefs for over 60 years since they immigrated from Hong Kong in the 1950s. She both studied Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition with an Ayurvedic Doctor in Dharmamdala India and practices new cooking knowledge and inspiration all the time. She specializes in  plant based, vegan, GF, and raw recipes with colorful and tasty additions unique to each creation. She believes food is a tantric experience, where you can merge with source in the physical manifestation of food/drink as love.




The full prices for this immersion is $555 for the experience, and $333 for accommodation and 3 organic vegan meals a day. We acknowledge that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to get to have enough funds to travel to Guatemala. To learn from the ecosystem, local Mayan culture, activist and important wisdom. A few Partial Scholarship & Worktrade positions available for low income & POC. Please fill out the application form at the top of this page to secure your spot for this transformational immersion!

Please let us know if price is an issue.

See you at the lake!

Bloom & Anahata

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Ecstatic Dance Electronic Artists

Indigenous Mayan Hip-Hop

Teachers, MusiciansOrganizers

Elder Earth Activist Songleaders

Earth Activist Writers, Teachers

Cacao, Yoga, Goddess Facilitators

Photography Wizard

Organic Vegan Alchemists

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