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 Blooming Biodiversity Events


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Past Events

Join Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours
with Bloom Music and Blooming Anahata 
Meditate with the herbs 
Play with the Soil, Clay and Sand
Be in Service to the Sacred Land at Jackson WellSprings

Engage in Hands ON: 
-Permaculture Gardening Projects,
veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit trees and compost 
-Cob Natural Building Projects with Sir Cobsolot! 

Restore and revitalize theTree of Life Garden! Botanical Garden is filled with over grown medicinal plants, angelica, Oregon grape, 4 varieties of mint and many herbs!

Plant starts and seeds in cleared areas of the tree of life garden! Harvest and dry herbs for teas ♥

Emend the soil with beautiful compost!

Learn about the beautiful biodiversity of the garden, sing and dance and play permaculture games!

Particpate in: Earth Activist Music, Theater, Meditation and a 5 senses garden walk! Cultivate the tribe and community building exercises, to learn and share sustainable solutions together

Join us 
FRIDAY 10:30-12pm! 

FREE Thursday Night CAMPING Avaiable with your participation and service to the land! 

Sliding Scale Donations are much 5-35$ appriciated for the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours

Continue working on these projects through the weekend!
Check out this event page: Embodying Permaculture, Arts & Music Workshops at Mystic Rising with Bloom & Anahata

Join Robin Liepman and Anna Simone Combi co founders of the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours at the Mystic Rising: an all live and acoustic music festival and culture shifting gathering. at Jackson WellSprings in August for workshops that will burst your heart open and give you confidence as a cultural creator. You will leave with an expanded sense of purpose, a song to share, and a direct action plan to step into the world as a changemaker. Our workshops are fun, interactive, awakening, meaningful, and inspiring. Join us to experience it for yourself, and offer your own gifts, and get support in your empowered blossoming! 

Schedule of Workshops for Pre, During and Post Mystic include Embodied Permaculture and Work Party Projects 

Thursday: 3:00 - 6:00 Blooming Biodiversity Work-Parties Pre-Mystic Rising at Jackson Wellsprings (see other fb event) 
- Embodying Permaculture Workshop
- permaculture gardening projects
- cob natural building projects 

10:30 - 12:30
-Healing and Expressive Arts in Nature Workshop 
- permaculture gardening projects
- cob natural building projects 
3-4pm Pre Opening Cermony Yoga
Liberated Heart Yoga with Anahata at Mystic Rysing

8-9:30am Liberated Heart Yoga with Anahata at Mystic Rysing
4:00 - 6:00
Eco-Poetics and Song Weaving Workshop 
- permaculture gardening projects
- cob natural building projects 

Sunday: 4:30 - 6:00
Awaken Your Song Bird & Earth Activist Music
- permaculture gardening projects
- cob natural building projects 

Monday: 10:00 - 12:00
Solutionary Changemakers Generation Wake Up
-permaculture gardening projects
-cob natural building projects

Join Blooming Anahata and Bloom Music for live performance and Cacao Cermony with Yoga, Pranasage and Song Circle 
at herbalist Cedar Sky Palmar's Bohemia Apothecary & Tea of Life: Teahouse, Apothecary and Healing Center

Listen at 
Celebrate the Release of Bloom Music new album Earth Child! 
Listen at

Cacao Cermony with Liberated Heart Yoga & Bodywork with Anahata , Sound Healing and Song Circle 

8:30-10pm Live Music Concert 
with Blooming Anahata and Bloom Music

$18-25 sliding scale full experience 
15-20 sliding scale for evening concert only

Please Bring!
Your musical instruments for song circle!
Sacred items for alter creation
Yoga Mat
Magical Healing Energy
Friends, Lovers and Family all ages!

Join Blooming Anahata and Bloom Music
In a EcoPoetics and Song Weaving Workshop
at Plants EnChant Gathering! 

Through this transformational co-creative process, we guide participants through a journey of free-flow writing and song sharing. Connecting to our true inner passions, inspirations, our relationship to the earth, community and our selves we will do a variety of group poetry and song writing activities. We will co-create Earth Activist Poems, Stream through stream of conscousness free flow writing, sharing words we collectively add to our individual poems/songs. We will then have the opportunity to share our poems/songs together adding rhythm, beats, beatboxing, live instruments and supportive love from the group!

What is Plants EnChant? 
This gathering of plants, people, and songs, can be summed as: Singing Alive + herbal gathering = Plants EnChant! It is intended to develop and strengthen ‘medicine culture’ thru the healing arts of holistic education, song-sharing, life-as-ceremony, and supportive community. It recognizes ‘medicines’ as the force of nature that cures dis-ease, that takes us from being sick to being free. This event aligns more with ‘deep herbalism‘, which cultivates a relationship thru plants to the healing presence of Nature, a pro-active approach to health, and less with the ‘shallow herbalism’ of ‘take the tincture and make the symptoms go away’, a greener version of the pharmaceutical model. It recognizes plants as the greenprint of all medicines. It acknowledges plants as elders in the society of nature as it exists on planet earth, and therefore teachers to the adolescent human species. In their yet more primal aspect, plants are ‘umbilical cords to Gaia’ (Rosemary Gladstar); they ‘help us remember’ (Stephen Buhner). As such, they can keep us aligned with the healthy functioning of the planetary metabolism, mirrored in our own inner and social ecologies. All plants (and fungi), are teachers, if related to as such. Plants enChant is intended to honor and give space for their wisdom, to activate our abilities to receive it, and put this guidance into practice through the cultural forms and ways they affirm. We invite all who feel called to the Way of the plants. 

Apply here:

Pathways of Empowerment Retreat: Cultivating Your Life Passions AtBranch Mill Organic Farm 

Facilitated by Anna Simone Combi and Robin Liepman founders ofBlooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours Blooming Anahata 
10:30am-5pm, July 23 & 24

Tap into your ultimate potential to become the optimal you! Learn keys to Success,Leadership, Intimacy, Sustainability Mind-Body-Spiring WellBeing, Healing, & LovingKindness!

The energy exchange for this retreat is silding scale 
130$-160$ Full Weekend
65$-80$ One Day Retreat 

No one turned away for lack of funds!
Work-trade opportunities available. 

Workshops include: 
Non-Violent Communication & Co-Counseling & Embodied Leadership, 
Permaculture Design & Organic Cooking, 
Finding Your Voice, Poetry & Song-Writing, 
Transformational Theater, Dance & Art , 
Self-Heal Yoga, Meditation & Bodywork 
Social Media Marketing & Fundraising

We will engage in:
Partner Pranassage (Yoga + Massage)
Vegetarian Organic Cooking Class (make the meal & eat it together)
Songwriting Poetics & Finding Your Voice + Drumming. HeartSong Guide
Ecological Reconnection, Ecological Leadership
Expressive Arts Healing
Hatha Vinyassa Flow with Self-Awakening Theraputics Yoga 
Workshops on creating your own organization/business with social media, marketing, graphic design and fundraising. 

Join us directly afterwards for a 2 day back packing trip Liberation Journey Backpacking with Blooming Biodiversity which begins Sunday evening after this retreat! Check info out on this event!

Apply here:

Dates: August 21st-23rd 

Location: Sykes Hot Springs, Big Sur, California

Join us for an awakening, empowering, liberating backpacking journey through the beautiful hills of Big Sur all the way to Sykes hot springs. This will be a Body-Mind-Spirit Wilderness Healing experience, full of workshops, music, yoga, counsel, and much more. 

Facilitators: Anna Simone Combi and Robin Liepman of Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours

The Energy Exchange for this journey is $175-$215, Sliding Scale, with no one turned away due to lack of funds.

Scholarship/Work-Trade opportunities available. 

Costs go towards: 

Back-Country Camping Permits 
Campsite permit
Car permit
Workshop Facilitation Energy Exchange 

Workshops Include:

Embodying Permaculture
Medicine Songs-Find your Song Bird
EcoPoetics & SongWeaving
Rites of Passage Rituals 
Heart Share Council
Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Pranassage Thai Yoga Massage 
Ecological Solutionary Leadership
Changemakers Action Plan
Mindfulness Meditations and Exercises 
EcoArt Creation inspired by Andy Goldsworthy 
The Work That Reconnects 
Optional Volunteer Farm Day at Esalen Institute on July 27th!
but must RSVP for this ASAP on the esalen website online app.

April, June, July, August
7:45-9:45pm evening offering in CYPRESS YURT, 
Join Bloom and Anahata for a presentation on the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Journey and Rites of Passage exercises for discovering and cultivating life path and passions.

1-2pm on Front Lawn: Join Bloom and Anahata for a guided eating meditation and discussion on food cycles, sovereignty & relationships.

4:30-6pm in Buddha Garden: Join Bloom and Anahata for an experiential garden walk, including exploration of the five senses & journaling.

5 Senses Garden Walk & EcoArt

4:30-6pm in Buddha Garden: Join Bloom and Anahata for an experiential garden walk, including exploration of the five senses & journaling.

Expressive Arts and Journaling 
Earth Mandala Creation
Guided Flower Meditation 
Earth Activist Music
Earth Elemental Yoga! 

Exploration of the 5 senses through guided blindfolded garden experience. In pairs students observe the Esalen garden, tasting, touching, smelling and feeling plants. 
Emotional relationship to garden & full trust from the guidance of a partner 

Then students visually draw out their experience and write a journal entry. Students then go back into the garden with eyes open, reconnecting to the area, and write another journal entry on what they noticed visually. 
The prompts are: 
1. “What did you notice and perceive? How did you feel? What was surprising? What was familiar?”
2. “Why do you think the garden is designed in the way that it is? What are some of the important features you found interesting?” 
3. “What was it like being guided by your partner?” 
4. “How is it different experiencing the garden through these four senses without sight?” 
5. “Now that you have your eyes open, what does it feel like to see the garden visually after experiencing it through your other four senses?” 
6. “What is your relationship to each of your senses?” 

Mindful Eating and Food Sovereignty

Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tours 
co-founders Robin Liepman and Anna Simone Combi

Introduction to mindfulness practice 
John Kabbit Zinn: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Thich Nhat Hahn: Ecological Buddhism: A Buddhist response to climate change and cultivating a sustainabile world 
Jack Kornfield: Mindful eating awareness practices
Joanna Macy : The Work that Reconnects: Deep Ecology 

Guided Eating Meditation: 
5 senses relationship to vegetables/fruit from Esalen garden and Organic imported vegetables/fruits (traditionally a raisin is used) 
Feeling with fingers
Sound in your hand, rubbing & moving vegetable/fruit in hand 
Smell, Seeing textures, colors, shapes
Taste and texture: sweet, salty, sour

Food Cycle and Personal Relationship
From Seed-Sprout-Plant-Seasons-Farmers-Harvest-Production-Transport-Energy of all People involved-access. We will go through this meditation twice. Once for the Esalen grown vegetable and one for the Organic Imported vegetable, and later discuss the differences in the participant’s relationships to each vegetable. 

Food Sovereignty Solutionary Discussion: 

Blooming Biodiversity West Coast Permaculture Tour
We co-founded and co-organized this tour so we could learn about sustainable living, earth activism, and practical applications of regenerative design. We traveled to over 60 organic farms, gardens, community centers and spiritual centers, both urban and rural, dedicated caring for people and community, their surrounding natural environment, and fair share of natural resources. These centers share the common vision of supporting empowered community members to live symbiotically with the land through growing their own food, renewable energy, positive impact, low waste and creative expression. 

Discussion Topics: Permaculture, Seed Banks, Organic, Non-GMO, No-Till, Biodynamics

Rites of Passage, Living your Passions

Join Bloom and Anahata for a presentation on the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Journey and Rites of Passage exercises for discovering and cultivating life path and passions.
Join us in authentic relating games, earth-activist songwriting, leadership exercises, visualizations, meditations, and transformational theater that will help you cultivate your life's path, passions and purpose. 

Join Blooming Anahata, Bloom Music and Anahata Yoga & Bodywork for a mystical evening of cacao, medicine music, sound healing, yoga, massage and ecstatic dance! 

We will Share Beautiful Medicine Songs Together!
We will give each other healing touch Prannasage (thai yoga massasge) 
Enjoy Beautiful Sound Healing, Toning and Chi-Gong Healing
Self Awakening Theraputics inspired Liberated Heart Yoga!
Feel yummy in your body, mind and spirit! ♥

Please bring:
Musical instruments 
Your favorite massage oil! 
Crystals and Alter Items 
Yoga Mat! 

RVSP to confirm! 
15-25$ Silding Scale
Bring 2 friends and recieve half price ticket 
Bring 4 friends and recieve free ticket! 
Volunteer Opportunities Avaiable 
At the Wilwand Tea Co.

Boom & Anahata are earth activist musicians Blooming Anahata( &, permaculture designers, transformational paradigm shifters, & founding organizers of theBlooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour: Solutionary Productions Presents( They are Earth Activists, and are excited to pollinate their magic at Big Surreal 2016 ~Honoring~

Friday Workshops with Bloom & Anahata:

9:30 AM-10:30AM Embodying Ecology:
The Embodying Ecology Workshop is an experiential journey designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. Together, we experience body-centered awareness practices including transformational theater, embodied movement, guided music creation, vinyasa yoga flow, and guided visualization meditations activating the 5 senses. We end with a Solutionary discussion counsel where everyone has the opportunity share their vision and action plan for being a co-creative change-maker of a thriving sustainable community. 

2:30PM-3:45PM Expressive and Healing Arts: 
Free your heart and soul through creative expression, focused on the visualization of your ideal world and ways to manifest this ideal existence into daily reality.

5PM Generation Waking Up:
The Generation Waking Up "Wake Up Experience" is a four phase journey that lays out the context of our current planetary situation and dives into a council of generating solution. These four phases are: 1) Who are we? (As individuals, as a generation, and as an inter-generational community) 2) Where Are We? (In regards to the ideal thriving, just and sustainable world wish wish to live in) 3) What's going on? (Global Challenges) & 4) What has to change? (Solutions)
Through interactive exercises, discussions and activities, participants will gain an expanded awareness of our planet's great story, and our part in it as active changemakers and solution generators.

Summer 2015

Embodying Permaculture Workshop at Once Upon a Festival

Facilitators: Anna Combi (Anahata), Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Sophia Ocean

Big Surreal Permaculture Immersion at Treebones

Big Sur, CA

Facilitators: Anna Combi (Anahata) and Robin Liepman (Bloom)
Garden Facilitator: Jade Milagros Rosario

June 13, 2015

June 25, 2015

Thursday, June 25th, 12:00pm - 7:00pm

Treebones Resort, Big Sur

71895 Highway 1, Big Sur, California 93920


For 8 Big Surrealists interested in regenerative living, earth-care and holistic health: Join us for a very special permaculture immersion at the Treebones Resort the day before Big Surreal. Participants will be granted early entrance access to Big Surreal for prime camping choices. 

There are 8 spaces available. $33 (flexible) donation.

12pm We will start the day with an hour of Embodying Permaculture through Hatha Vinyassa flow yoga with self awakening therapeutics, restorative postures, linking social permaculture principles and earth activism to classical yogic philosophy.

1pm After a tour and introduction to the garden, we will immerse ourselves in educational and engaging permaculture projects, including clearing the strawberry beds and working with compost tea in the stunning Treebones garden overlooking the ocean. 
Garden lead facilitator: Jade Milagros Rosario

4pm We will close with a guided Partner Pranassage Workshop, which integrates Thai yoga massage, Iyengar based alignments, breathwork and therapeutic touch.

5:30pm World Cafe Solutionary Discussion Council with Dinner prepared by Treebones. 

7pm Closing Ceremony and journey to Big Surreal for early entrance! 

Please e-mail or PM us here to reserve your spot. We ask for a $33 donation, and are open to any variation thereof if you express why it is important for you to be here. 

Big Surreal
Big Surreal Video

Wednesday, May 20

at 9:00am

about 1 month ago


JCC-Federation of SLO

875 Laureate Ln, San Luis Obispo, California 93405


Let's "seeds the day" by putting permaculture into action, sprouting change in community with our fellow LIB family. The day before LIB, we will be giving back to the local community of SLO. Kale Yeah! 

This is a sizzler event for the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour, which begins this September along the West Coast and adventures to Hawaii for the Winter.

Action Day Festivities: 

10am Five Elements Yoga with Sophia and Anna 
(bring your own yoga matt)

11:30am Site Welcoming and Wild Edible Walk with community coordinator Baruch (check out his Wilderness Skills workshop at LIB).

1pm Community Potluck Lunch and Vegan surprises (Cob oven available for use) with performance from Compersion!

2pm Hands On Permaculture Activities on farm with live music 

4:30pm Embodying Permaculture Workshop with Bloom, Sophia & Anna 
Integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture through a journey of body centered awareness; practices include soothing yoga flow, guided meditation activating the 5 senses and tantric permaculture. 

5.30pm Live Music by Panga, Bob and Wendy and Wesley T Brenner
Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv

7:15 Closing Ceremony

Saturday, June 13 at 10:00am - 11:30am

East Park Reservoir

Stonyford, California 95979

“Embodying Permaculture” is an experience designed to integrate mind, body, heart and spirit with the values and principles of permaculture. As facilitators we will take participants through a journey of body centered awareness practices including vinyasa yoga flow, guided meditation activating the 5 senses and tantric permaculture. When we are fully in alignment with our true selves as multidimensional beings, we develop a strong connection to ourselves, our community and our environment.

Once Upon A Permaculture Adventure 

at the Regenerative Design Institute

Facilitators: Anna Combi (Anahata) and Robin Liepman (Bloom)
and Sophia Ocean


Solutionary Productions and the Regenerative Design Institute unite to create Once Upon A Permaculture Adventure! This is a permaculture pre-event for Once Upon A Festival - 2015 ⚔ THIS WEEK ⚔, and an opportunity to build resilient community and regenerative systems in the Commonweal Garden, which is "a living, breathing example of how people — connecting deeply with the natural world and designing from ecological patterns and principles — can create a thriving landscapes for sustainable human settlements." 

How to get here 

Permaculture Adventure Day Flow: 
9:30am Five Elements Yoga
11am Opening Ceremony and Site Tour
Noon Permaculture Projects with live music 
1pm Community Potluck Lunch (cob pizza oven available)
2pm Permaculture Projects with live music
5.30pm Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv
7 Closing Ceremony
7:30pm Community Potluck Dinner (cob pizza oven available)

Permaculture Projects Available:

  • COB: Artistic sculpting, refining and plastering. 

  • Finishing a cob stove for Penny's distiller.

  • Finishing and sculpting the cob chimney on the pizza oven.

  • Replastering a bench.

  • Weeding the medicinal rain garden.

  • Garden bed prep.

  • Making a bio-dynamic compost pile.

  • Planting medicinal plants, herbs, veggies.

  • Sheet mulching.

  • Harvesting duckweed from a pond.

  • Pruning and trellising of boysenberries and thornless blackberries.

  • Fertilizing raspberries.

Answers to FAQ: 
*Yes this is a free event!
*Yes you can arrive any time, though you will optimize your adventure of you arrive by 10am!
*Camping is available at RDI for a small amount of people. Please check in with us if you plan to camp here over night*
*No you don't have to be going to Once Upon a Festival to attend this event (though we highly recommend it!)
*Lunch and dinner will be a potluck! There is a pizza cob oven available!
*Please bring cardboard if possible for sheet mulching!
*If you're a musician and want to perform, let us know!
*Yes, this is going to be amazing!

We love you soil mulch! Sea you tharr!


Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Play Day

Facilitators: Anna Combi (Anahata), Sophia Ocean,  Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Baruch Brian Schwadron

June 10th, 2015

May 20th, 2015

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