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Permaculture Event Itinerary

Outline of a Daily Schedule:

  • 9am Yoga

  • 10am Opening Introduction and Welcoming

  • 10:30am Permaculture Talk/Tour of Site

  • 11:30am Hands On Permaculture Activity

  • 1pm World Café Community Lunch

  • 2pm Interactive Educational Workshop

  • 3pm Permaculture Activity continued with live music

  • 6pm Ecstatic Music and Dance 

  • 7pm Closing and Solutionary Council 


Permaculture Activities:

  • Food Forest Planting

  • Mandala Edible Gardens and Herb Spirals

  • Natural Building Projects

  • Aquaponic Garden Creation

  • Solar Oven and Rocket Stove Technologies

  • Drought Resistant Infrastructure Building

  • Wildflower and Medicinal Plant Seed Bomb Creation

  • Fermentation and Sprouting Classes

  • Wilderness and Primitive Skills Training

  • Humanure and Compost Practical Application

  • Greywater Systems



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