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Blooming Biodiversity Peru Tour

Photo Galleries of our Projects

Indigenous Shipibo Children's School Mural Painting and Veggie garden creation


The Sacred Valley



April 17 - June 1, 2016


The Blooming Biodiversity Tour is going to Peru!

We are excited to learn about the rainforest ecosystems, indigenous communities, traditional music and art, and regenerative activism, farming and building methods, applying the skills we learned during our West Coast tour. 


By learning and sharing what we’ve learned, we intend to be a bridge from North to South America. This is part of the Eagle Condor prophecy from indigenous people across the Americas. It is a prophecy of social and ecological transformation, community building and recovery of ancient wisdom for the modern era.


We will be actively engaged in service work with a variety of Peruvian Non-Profit organizations, dedicated to social and ecological regeneration. We will begin our journey working with Arkana Alliance in a Shipibo Village upriver from Pucallpa called Santa Clara. We will be teaching afterschool programs with the Shipibo children, working in the garden with many medicinal plants and herbs, and working on documentary film projects.

Additionally, we have connected with,  Amistad Sagrada, Nidra Wasi, Chakra de Alegra Rainforest Lodge, the Chaikuni Institute, the Paititi Institute, Casa de Luz, and individual indigenous Shipibo healers and activists. We will be working with some of these organizations on projects including: Permaculture farming/natural building, Documentary Filmmaking of activist projects with indigenous Shipibo communities, working with village children, building a school for Andean Quechua children, habitat restoration, and facilitating Embodying Permaculture, Earth Activist, and Expressive Music and Art workshops.



     Four Areas of Focus


1. Rainforest Ecosystem


       - Medicinal plant uses


       - Ethnobotany


       - Ecosystem Dynamics


       - Symbiotic Indigenous Relationship


       - Habitat Restoration


       - Environmental Justice


       - Permaculture


2. Indigenous Community


       - Lifestyle and Culture


       - Music


       - Diet


       - Farming Methods


      - Medicinal Herb Gardens


      - Spirituality


      - Building


      - Education/Schools/Child Development



3. Traditional Music & Art


      - Medicine Songs in Spanish, Shipibo and Quechua 


      - Music Styles


      - Textiles and traditional clothing design patterns 


     - Handcrafts and traditional jewelry


     - Visionary Art Community



4. Regenerative Activism


     - Methods of Sustainability


     - Regenerative Living Models

    - Eco-Activist Organizations 




Participation and Engagement with Intended Learning Outcomes:




Working with Families and Children




Plant Walks




Social Media


Interviews, Podcasts, Interactive Website, Blog with Photography and Writing


Live Presentations, Performance and Storytelling


Environmental and Social System Knowledge



Documentary Film 


We will be filming our journey and creating a documentary about positive solutions for a regenerative planet. We will be interviewing a variety of people from all cultures, asking these questions:


In what ways can we revitalize Ancient Indigenous Wisdom for the modern era?


Why are Elders important?


Why do we need to preserve the knowledge of medicine people?


What is your vision of an ideal world?


What’s already happening to bring it about, both ancient and modern ideas?


What are the challenges we face in this time? 


How can viewers get involved in creating the solution?





Learn ways of living and connecting with plants and the earth from the Shipibo and Quechua people.


Learn music, traditional and new medicine songs.





Develop facilitation skills of multidimensional healing modalities to empower people to tap into their infinite potential for social and ecological transformation. 


Generate abundance for self-sufficient, interdependent, community-engaged regenerative living


Develop musical and artistic expression, social and environmental activism, reconnecting our spirit, minds, and hearts, to the earth and to each other.


Share activism and deepen knowledge of sustainable solutions through media


Deepen spiritual practices, solo and in community


Sacred wisdom support from elders and wisdom keepers







Sacred Valley Tribe


Amistad Sagrada


Nidra Wasi


Juan Carlos Taminchi




Arkana Alliance


Olivia (Shipibo Grandmother)


San Francisco and Santa Clara Shipibo Villages




Where are the funds going?


$600 will be going to individual indigenous Shipibo healers and families


$400 will be going to Peruvian, family run lodging and homestay


$800 will be going to transportation within Peru


$700 will be going to one or more of these Ecological and Indigenous organizations:


Total:  $2,500 


Arkana Alliance 

 6 weeks 


Documentary Film Making of Indigenous Shipibo

Permaculture Work, Educational Medicinal Herb Garden and Art’s and Music with Children in the Shipibo village of Santa Clara


Amistad Sagrada

2 Weeks 

Helping to build a school for indigenous Andean Quechua children in the Sacred Valley


Chaikuni Institute 

2-3 weeks

Working with shipibo children, youth and elders on Permaculture service projects

Chakra de Alegra Rainforest Lodge (Stretch Goal)

$600, 1month

Permaculture work

Animal rescue center

Healing sanctuary

Habitat Restoration

Paititi Institute (Stretch Goal)

$600, 1 month

Permaculture projects, building up the center


Casa de Luz (Stretch Goal)

1 month

Permaculture projects

Visionary Art 

Nidra Wasi 

2 weeks

Serving at a meditation/yoga/medicine retreat in the Sacred Valley

Beyond Peru, we will likely be joining a gathering of ecological pioneers, global solutionaries, and 14 indigenous tribes, at the Llamado de la Montana gathering in Colombia from June 30 - July 7, and the I.Am.Life Journey in collaboration with the Pachamama Alliance, Generation Waking Up, Numundo, and many more organizations, in Ecuador July 11-25th. All additional funds we raise beyond our goal will go to these two journeys. 


Our dream is to be a multidimensional healer, herbalist, expressive arts, wilderness, horticulture and mindfulness therapy focused Social Worker. We want to design my own intentional community Ecovillage focused on permaculture, biodynamics, indigenous and farming methods. We deeply value living in a community that is focused on Non-Violent Communication, co-counseling, and transformational theater, to resolve and illuminate group dynamics. We envision magical gardens, art studio, yoga/workshop space, healing sanctuary, community kitchen, music room, outdoor stage, indoor theater, and community bath house. 


Who Are We?

The Solutionaries are a diverse team of social-environmental activists, dedicated to co-creating a resilient and regenerative lifestyle for ourselves, our local and global community, our natural world, and future generations. We are co-organizing the Blooming Biodiversity Peru Tour. We facilitate workshops that integrate the topics of permaculture and biodynamic farming, gardening, live music, yoga,healing, expressive and visionary arts, ecstatic dance, communities and ecovillages.

The Purpose: 

To help shift the paradigm from a corporate ruled industrial complex to an intentional, community-created, thriving co-existence.

To nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go.

To envision and strategize ways to transcend existing patterns o f global inequality.

To empower community to restore the commons and a culturally rich lifestyle.

To generate a self-sustaining livelihood with community initiated food gardens and organic innovative design.

To initiate conversations and catalyze the process of soil and ecosystem restoration, water purification and green energy system installation (ie: solar/wind power).

To inspire a new world vision for communities to live in a way that is healthy for the planet and humanity.

To act locally and connect globally.

To foster cross-cultural and intergenerational collaboration.

To share healing, visionary and expressive art, music and dance. 

To put solutions into action, and bring forth our greatest potential through collaborative symbiosis.

To make this all happen, we will need your help from the grassroots up! We deeply appreciate your loving support and are excited to share our journey with you!

Go Fund Me Blooming Biodiversity Peru Tour Perks

$5 A Loving Hug when we see you next. 

$10 Your Plant: We will name a plant after you that we plant and share photos/medicinal value

$15 Receive four original Blooming Anahata songs

$20 Receive a live music video from Peru, dedicated to you, with a song of your choice! 

$30 Blooming Anahata Music CD with Visionary Art Song Book 

$40  We will write you a personalized song, you choose the focus and style 

$45 Organic vegan superfood cooking lesson

$65 1hr Private Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Hands on Assists Session with Anahata

$70 1hr Earth Activist Guitar Lesson with Bloom

$75 1hr Pranasage Bodywork Session (Thai Yoga Massage) with Anahata 

$97 1.5hr Private Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Hands on Assists Session with Anahata

$105 1.5hr Earth Activist Guitar Lesson with Bloom

$112 1.5hr Pranasage Bodywork Session (Thai Yoga Massage) with Anahata 

$130 2hr Private Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Hands on Assists Session with Anahata

$140 2hr Earth Activist Guitar Lesson with Bloom

$150 2hr Pranasage Bodywork Session (Thai Yoga Massage) with Anahata 

$200 Social Media Package: We will design a Website and Facebook page for you 

$250 Guided 3 hour expressive arts healing session

$300 Private Cacao Ceremony with Live Music Concert of Medicine Songs for up to twenty people

$350 Live concert and organic dinner for up to four people

$400 We will make a video for your social/environmental organization or project

$500 We will plant a medicinal herb garden at your home! 

$800 Multidimensional Healing Experience: You will receive one 2hr yoga session, one 2hr musical sound healing session, one 2hr Pranassage bodywork session, one 1hr herbal tea ceremony and an organic dinner for one person. 

$1000 Day long retreat with Cacao Ceremony, Live Music Concert, Embodied Permaculture workshop, yoga, bodywork and organic food for up to twenty people. 

$1600 Multidimensional Healing Experience for Two: You and a partner or friend will receive one 2hr yoga session, one 2hr musical sound healing session, one 2hr Pranassage bodywork session, one 1hr herbal tea ceremony and an organic dinner for one person.

$2000 A two day long retreat with Cacao Ceremony, Live Music Concert, Embodied Permaculture workshop, yoga, bodywork and organic food for up to twenty people. 

$3000 A three day long retreat with Cacao Ceremony, Live Music Concert, Embodied Permaculture workshop, yoga, bodywork and organic food for up to twenty people. 


Anna’s Poetic Dedication


We are on a liberation journey.

Let’s free our people, plants and animals.

Mother Earth, we are humbled before you. 

We embody colorful biodiversity.

When we dream big, we manifest our highest reality. 

Everything is one, all is interconnected. 

You are perfect as you are.

You are blossoming in my eyes. 

Your purity is so profound, it radiates to all beings. 

We are on this healing journey together. 

Let’s take a deep breath, and harmonize our realities. 

Be grateful to be in the dance of life. 

We are not confined.

We are coexisting with deep awareness of each other’s needs and interdependence. 

We are here to support each other. 

When we go inside, we find clarity on our life’s purpose. 

My purpose is to share my love for this planet and all beings through my creativity and service.

In supporting the communities, honoring the needs of all plants and animals.

This is very clear. 

We already have all the answers we’ve been waiting for

Let’s learn from each other. 

From all cultures.

Remembering the cycle, the message is so clear.

When we release resistance, there is nothing to fear. 

It’s all life lessons, we are growing every day.

The message is within us, may we honor it in a sacred way. 

Let’s illuminate and liberate.

Now is the time to co-create.

Let’s begin to regenerate. 

Healing Heart Expansions

This is the hour

Know your garden

Speak your truth

Create Community

Live in deep gratitude and wonder

Explore all possibilities

Reflect on your headstrong

Reclaim your fire

Expand your communication

Listen to elders 

Listen to the plants

Learn more about our organization at:

Find us and "like" us on Facebook at:

Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour: Solutionary Productions Presents

Contact us at:

Bloom: (805)235-5649   Anahata: (415)233-0789

Listen to our music here:

Update May 15th, 2016

We are still accepting donations for our crowdfunding campaign! 

We visited the Shipibo school today and are so excited to work with the kids! There's a big mural outside of the school that says "Somos Uno Con La Naturaleza," which means "We Are One With Nature!" The kids are so enthusiastic, and the Shipibo permaculture specialist, Marcos, is really knowledgable about medicinal plants and permaculture planting. 

Your donations will help us support the following projects:

1) We have a big plot of land to design our own garden in and plant with the kids. We will likely create either a mandala garden, medicinal plant labyrinth (or symbol significant to the Shipibo), 

2) We are going to help put up signs that name and describe medicinal plants along a pathway that connects the school to the soon-to-be Cultural Community Center/International Permaculture Education Hub

3) We will be leading the kids in fun after-school activities such as our Embodying Permaculture workshop (in Spanish!), music, art, movement, and much more! 

4) We are fundraising for school supplies for the kids, including journals, pens and pencils, because many of them can't afford supplies, the school can't provide them, and they are required to have them. 

5) We will be learning from local elders and supporting them and their families through garden projects and participating in ceremony and dieta.

Thank you for your donations! Every dollar helps!
Please share <3



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