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Blooming Biodiversity started as a seed. In 2015, a group of inspired change makers, in Costa Rica at the time, gathered to visualize active ways of participating in the healing and regeneration of our eco-sphere. Our goal, to help bring people and land, into bloom through a biodiversity of ecosystems and diversity of cultures. We came up with a vision and a name: the "Solutionaries," and travelled to Vancouver Island to learn from Starhawk and Charles Williams' Permaculture Design Course and Earth Activist Training at O.U.R. Ecovillage. We spent the year contacting Permaculture farmers, musicians, and event venues. Finally, in the Fall of 2015, we embarked on a journey that changed our lives forever, and rippled out to inspire many.


On the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture tour, we travelled from Snohomish Washington, down to Portland, Oregon, up to Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island, back down through Washington, Oregon, California, briefly to Texas, and back to Southern California to finish our tour with our permaculture music and yoga campout at Boulder Gardens in Yucca Valley called MyceliOm. 


In less than three months, we initiated Permaculture events at over 50 locations. In each location, we brought locals together to build permaculture projects, while live or electronic music was playing, with breaks for yoga, solutionary discussion counsels, and other interactive embodied workshops. After this three month journey, Bloom and Anahata continued their journey of Permaculture, Music and Love, onwards to Hawaii, Peru, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and back to Canada to work as Teachers Assistants for Starhawk’s Permaculture Design Course / Earth Activist Training, and the Ecovillage Design Education.


Bloom & Anahata became certified Permaculture Teachers through an Advanced Training with Jude Hobbs in Cottage Grove, Oregon in 2017,  followed by teaching Permaculture Workshops at a sequence of gatherings, including The Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon, Mystic Rising in Ashland, Unify in New Mexico, the Permaculture Convergence in Hopland, CA, the One Love Experience in California. They continue to offer transformational Permaculture experiences worldwide.


             Enjoy our website! See you in the Garden!


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We are a group of inspired solutionaries...
from diverse backgrounds, on a permaculture activation quest that  integrates social and environmental action, performance arts and holistic education, into communities around the world. In each location we visit, we gather community to plant food forests, medicinal herb and edible gardens, create drought-resilient infrastructure, and utilize natural building techniques and energy efficient cooking technologies to catalyze resilient living and thrivability. We aim to nurture the blooming of regenerative biodiversity everywhere we go. 


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